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Our Story

Mellin Chic was founded in 2018.  I am a person who has a passion for Chanel bags. I still remember my first Chanel bag a 2005 purple caviar jumbo classic flap.  I love Chanel not because of its name brand only, but rather admiring the craftsmanship and story and significance behind each design. I started watching runway shows to understand and gain knowledge about the collection. I finally went to Paris to visit the first Chanel store 31 Rue Cambon. I want to be able to provide a platform to offer some great Chanel bags at a fair resell value. I can also help Chanel collectors to complete their collections.  

I want to select only the best pre-loved bags for my customers.  I personally select each Chanel purse and make sure there are no tears, stains or any defects, I like to make sure the purse you purchase is going to light up your eye and make you happy for the long term. The inventory in Chanel Boutique is very limited, and many items are sold out very quickly.  For the recent years, the price has increased significantly around November each year. Buying soon is the key!!!  The price will go up each year, and good quality authentic Chanel pre-loved bags are out of the store and re-sell sites very quickly. 

If you are interested in any of the Chanel bags from my website, please feel free to email or text me first. If you need more assistance, feel to call me (925-217-0589).  If you are looking for specific Chanel bag and not on my site, please send me a picture, I can help you locate the item and contact you when I find one. I only want these beautiful bags to go home with someone who really wants and will appreciate them. I do have some limited amount of Louis Vuitton and Gucci items on my site. However, Mellin Chic site is primarily focused on Chanel items. 

Happy Shopping, I hope you find your dream item from this site. 


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